Hair Extension Systems

There are several systems to apply hair extensions, some newer and some older and well tested. Below we list the main types that are available today.

The L A Weave

The LA weave is an extremely popular technique due to the magnificently complete look it provides. Little silicone lined rings are threaded onto your natural hair and clamped shut which develops the foundation for the wefts to be sewn onto. 

Unlike your traditional braided weave putting your hair up is possible from the start and it does not trigger any discomfort.

These extensions last 6-10 weeks before needing tightening/refitting

The hair can be recycled for up to a year when well looked after.

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Individual Bonds

This technique is among the most discrete, developing a natural and pretty much undetectable complete head of hair. Specific extensions are applied utilising heat to connect the extension to your own hair. The extensions are tipped with keratin which is non-toxic and whilst it serves as a “glue” it is entirely natural and non-damaging.

These extensions can last 3-6 months with the correct aftercare and maintenance. Application takes around 2 hours for a full head.

Returning for a removal is necessary to prevent any damage to your own hair.

Micro Rings

All of these methods use specific strands tipped with keratin however they are added in a heat free manner. Your attachment of preference, copper tube, micro ring etc is threaded onto your natural hair, the extension is inserted and then it is clamped shut.

Upkeep is needed approx every 6-8 weeks and the hair can be recycled for up to a year when well maintained

This technique is suitable for many hair types other than very fine hair.

This application is a non-heat strand by strand technique. The rings are very small and lie flat to the scalp. The bond is looped through the micro ring then the ring is clamped securely locking the bond in place to your natural hair.

This application should last 3-4 months before maintenance is needed, depending on your natural hair growth and daily care regimen. After maintenance the bond will usually last a further 3-4 months. Hair and rings can be recycled.

Benefits of Micro Ring Hair Extensions.
The rings can be bought in a series of colours to match your own hair colour and blend discreetly and end up being undetectable.

There is essentially no shedding of your brand-new hair. Hair must be completely dry before brushing or allowed to dry naturally.
Easy to apply and remove. Easy maintenance.
Not impacted by sea salt or chlorine.

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Fusion Bonds

This application involves taking the keratin bond and heat fusing it to the natural hair. The keratin is gently rolled to form a difficult bond. Keratin is NOT a glue it is non-toxic and 100% non-damaging to the natural hair.

Fusion bonding is the most extensively used and lasting technique that won’t damage your natural hair. The bonding resin that we use is Keratin based, which is a natural protein that won’t break the hair shaft. It is mild to your hair and easily removable unlike many other types of adhesives which tend to be silicon based. Silicon glue is tough to get rid of and can damage your natural hair. This is why hair extensions get a bad reputation!

You can straighten, curl and brush your hair extensions as you would your own hair and we can add colour blends to create high/low-lights. This technique will provide you small bonds, you will get optimal volume, thickness and free movement. Depending upon your natural hair re-growth, your extensions ought to last as long as 3-4 months, possibly even longer if well cared for. This technique is perfect for vacations in hot locations as it is extremely safe and secure.

This application will usually last between 3-6 months depending on natural hair growth and your daily care regimen. When removed, the hair can not be recycled.

We have actually been applying Fusion Bonds for the past 10 years. It still proves to be one of the most popular methods of extensions and the earliest too. There are different forms of bonds from glue to plastic. Here we use a system that is based on small plastic granules, which we find are the very best bonding adhesive for your extensions.

Using the Bonded Hair Extensions
A small section of your natural hair is sectioned, we take the blended extension and apply a small amount of the plastic adhesive to the tip of the extension and roll it into a bond. 

The bond is always positioned approximately 2cm away from the root of your hair, this is to guarantee correct and straight growth over the next few months. The result is that it leaves your hair lying flat on your head. The bond is very neat and small (like a grain of rice).

Nano Rings

This application technique and maintenance method are the same as for the micro rings. Nano rings are the tiniest application and are just available in certain styles.

Hair can be recycled however rings will require to be changed.

Nano Rings are the tiniest best most fragile virtually undetectable ring available. Specifically designed to be little and undetectable, they are readily available in all colours to match your hair/root colour. A small section of your hair is pulled through the Nano ring, held near the root and a specially micro thin tipped extension is placed into the ring which is then clamped tightly onto your hair holding it securely in place, we have been utilising this technique in our company for several years and although considered to be the best technique it is still crucial to be cautious when brushing.

This technique uses no bond/glue/heat or chemicals. additional care is required when brushing etc to keep them protected. The majority of our clients lose no ring extensions throughout their wear, others lose the odd one, however they can be changed at rotation. These rings will last approximately 3 months in any clients hair before needing removing and reattaching.

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